A frenetic and unbalanced growth since the industrial revolution has led the humanity to unsustainable ways of living.

 Our social life and work dynamics are changing drastically due to social media, constant innovation, excess of data and information, our lives in general are on a vortex of constant changes, stress and uncertainty.

 The actual linear economic model is depleting and exhausting natural resources and ecosystems. The overuse of disposable and single use products is polluting the environment and creating unsafe environments not only for humans but for flora and fauna too.

It is the moment to embrace new ways to build and sustain innovative human environments. Taking into account the several factors that are influencing our lifestyles and surroundings, is in the integration of key elements that surround our daily activities where we found these solutions. By connecting the dots and creating experiences in between the digital and physical world to help us become the best version of ourselves and build a better future for our planet and the generations to come.

Bright has been catalyzing solutions capable to elevate our lifestyles and the environment in order to help us to success in these liquid
Our planet is a vulnerable system, human impact is unbalancing its natural cycles and processes. Its natural resources provide everything we need to sustain our lives and they should be managed properly, instead of wasting them we should be embracing and enhancing them.

A new architecture, a new lifestyle.

New augmented experiences between built and virtual environments are shaping a "New Architecture". These experiences will offer a new platform to develop new ways of living.

To deliver these experiences Cable is developing new architectural spaces and touch points capable of deliver enhanced ways of living.

From interior design to private and public environments, from mobility to Internet of Thing devices, Cable is using gamification concepts to enhance social and professional interactions in order to achieve new levels of development on every construction project, product or service Cable develops, offering solutions and delivering experiences driven by nature, technology and science.


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