Fiber Side Chair / Swivel Base

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The Fiber Side Chair brings a new perspective to the iconic shell chair. Made in an innovative composite of plastic and wood fibers, the Fiber Side Chair has a textured, matte surface and soft, inviting touch. The Fiber Side Chair is designed with friendly, embracing curves that provide extensive comfort to its user while taking up little space in the room. When viewed from afar, the wood fibers of its shell blend into the surface for a matte finish yet appear when viewed up-close for a modern sentiment. With its Swivel Base, the design allows for the user to turn the seat according to their desired position.

Shell in plastic composition with up to 25% wood fibers.
Sled base is made from powder coated steel.The wood fiber and plastic blend is injected into the mold, forming the chairÕs shell.
Swivel piece is die-casted aluminum.
Swivel foot is casted in one piece.

19 x 21 x 30 in | SH 18 in