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Enclosed in an open space. Into the silence. Inviting, comfortable and practical.
The Niche is upholstered in one fabric. It is possible to differ the upholstery for the body (sides, back and roof) and the four cushions (back cushions and seats). The Niche is available with or without roof. You can choose from several accessories to make your Niche even more suitable. Available are two LED lights in the roof top and a socket box that can be added to charge your laptop or phone when sitting in a Niche. An upholstered armrest can function as an armrest or a writing tablet when turned upside down.  

"It is indeed nice to sit here. We can direct our attention on work, a meeting or a phone call. You’re focused on your subject and on each other.”

“This informal meeting place seems to stimulate interaction. The outside surroundings seem to disappear* and we even fit a team of six”. 

* Research shows that the Niche reduces the background noise level by 17 dB. With a reduction of 10 dB the user experiences half the background noise.