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The offices are developed in one open space thanks to an organization system based on the adaptation concept. This system is capable of implementing and/or modifying different  areas whenever required, anticipating future changes in the number of workstations, internal restructuring and/or space expansions.

The use of wood is proposed to offer a warm and comfortable environment, juxtaposed with cold and neutral materials such as aluminum, with the aim of transmitting dynamism, a modern and technologically advanced workplace. This mix generates a balanced environment, while keep users in balance.

o successfully achieve that plurality in space, key elements are needed that have been developed for this purpose, including:

A/ Desk. Base workstation. Its shape is designed to facilitate team and collaborative work.

B/ Curved panels. Modular pieces that when grouped generate enclosures that create a variety of spaces. A set of panels can generate self-supporting partition walls that serve to create spaces between the public and private. From private offices, delimitations of the open space to workshops or classes.

C/ Table. Individual surface with reduced work area that has the ability to group and form larger surfaces. Useful for workshops, professional training classes, meeting rooms and similar.